Preschool Lessons Using Rhymes And Crafts

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Make easy preschool lessons by combining nursery rhymes with crafts. Many rhymes include fun stories about animals, insects, fish and other objects that can be shaped into simple projects.

Educators use rhymes to teach preschool children a wide span of skills for the simple reason that they work. In addition to being fun and easy to teach, they encourage children to actively participate in the learning activity, reinforce basic language and counting skills, and can even be remembered and used far into adulthood (remember 30 days has September?). Hand plays keep even the youngest children entertained and occupied as they try to follow along. What preschoolers think is fun is actually a powerful learning tool when used properly.

A simple craft, game, or activity, coupled with an item or object mentioned in the rhyme captures the childs imagination and helps them understand the meaning of the words. It can open a new world of creativity, and encourage a love for learning in even the smallest children.

hat better way to teach a preschooler the sound that the letter A makes than with a little rhyme about Ants? And like many rhymes, The Ants Go Marching reinforces counting skills as well. Now combine it with a simple craft or activity, using raisins for ants, and you enhance the learning curve, not only by reinforcing the letter and number lessons, but by adding a hands on component to the preschool lesson that encourages manual dexterity and gives the toddler or preschooler a sense of pride in something they made.

In a recent experience with a preschooler I was reminded me of how powerful this combination can be. I had a 4 year old boy over to visit, and we did a little rhyme about brushing out teeth, then we made a giant construction paper toothbrush (it was a really easy craft). When we were done he immediately announced that he needed to go brush his teeth, and since that time he usually remembers to bring his tooth brush when he visits.

There are hundreds of nursery rhymes available; you probably remember some of them yourself. So have fun using rhymes, hand plays, and crafts, to teach toddlers and preschoolers about the world. If you need some ideas visit the Nursery Rhymes or Crafts categories on on the Weekly Preschool Lessons website.
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Preschool Lessons Using Rhymes And Crafts

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This article was published on 2010/09/29